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miércoles, septiembre 23, 2020 8:32 AM

  win percentage (two teams have 7 games in league)   if tied… head to head… then resluts vs first place team, coin flip alpha flip
  seeded 1-17         tie= .5 win, .5 loss  
    if a team elects not to play in playoffs, we will re structure    
    single eliminiation             
    if 17 teams are in … seeds 17 vs 16 play a play in game    
    then first round is  seeds 1/16, 2/15, 3/14 etc      
    next round is re seeded with same format, 1/8, 2/7, 3/6, 4/5    
    same with finals            
  rule variations for playoffs:            
    if game is tied at end of regulation:        
      golden goal THERE ARE NO SUBS IN OVER TIME  
      5 minutes - no keepers        
      then every two minutes- someone comes off… no replacement, unless a card is given to the other team
      still must have two of opposite gender on    
      3 v 3- can be two of one gender and one of the other  
      2 v 2- after that two minutes…. PKs      
      PKS: SUDDEN VICTORY STARTING FIRST ROUND!!!!  After 5 Kickers, can repeat ANY kicker from 6 -10
      in playoffs- ANY whistle that is in the box for the offense that would result in a pk= GAME IS OVER- no kick taken


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