City of Plattsburgh Recreation
52 US Oval, Plattsburgh, NY, 12903


9/23/2020 8:33 AM
GUIDELINES first day= everyone needs a waiver signed and roster to be filled out.   EVERYONE IS MASKED!!!         PLAYERS, COACHES, SPECTATORS AND OFFICIALS!!!   FULL PAYMENT BY SECOND GAME     NO BLEACHERS ARE TO BE USED     BENCHES ARE CLEANED AFTER EACH GAME   THERE IS SANITIZING WIPES FOR THE GAME BALLS   THERE IS HAND SANITIZER AVAILABLE FOR BOTH TEAMS USE   warm ups are to be done at the scoreboard end of the field   IF THERE ARE CHANGES TO THE SCHEDULE WE WILL BOLD AND UNDERLINE FOR EASE   IF WE ARE SHUT DOWN DUE TO COVID-19, YOU WILL BE REFUNDED BASED ON HOW MANY GAMES YOU HAVE LEFT     GAMES LEFT REFUND AMOUNT     6   FULL       5   $500       4   $375       3   $250       2   $125       1   $0     ***There is a risk of contracting a disease at any point in these contests, including covid-19.   ***There is ZERO health insurance bought or implied for ANY athlete, official or fan.   If you are uncomfortable in any way, please do not participate   If you have any signs, symptoms or behaviors or are sick, please do not play or attend   We want this is to be a safe place to get some exercise.   PLEASE Do not ask for make ups, we have a short season- if I made a mistake I will work with you to correct it   Forfeits happen 5 minutes after scheduled time, clock will start on time.   if I can be of any assistance, please let me know.   thank you and good luck!!!    

9/23/2020 8:32 AM
PLAYOFFS:                   win percentage (two teams have 7 games in league)   if tied… head to head… then resluts vs first place team, coin flip alpha flip   seeded 1-17         tie= .5 win, .5 loss       if a team elects not to play in playoffs, we will re structure         single eliminiation                  if 17 teams are in … seeds 17 vs 16 play a play in game         then first round is  seeds 1/16, 2/15, 3/14 etc           next round is re seeded with same format, 1/8, 2/7, 3/6, 4/5         same with finals                                   rule variations for playoffs:                 if game is tied at end of regulation:               golden goal THERE ARE NO SUBS IN OVER TIME         5 minutes - no keepers               then every two minutes- someone comes off… no replacement, unless a card is given to the other team       still must have two of opposite gender on           3 v 3- can be two of one gender and one of the other         2 v 2- after that two minutes…. PKs             PKS: SUDDEN VICTORY STARTING FIRST ROUND!!!!  After 5 Kickers, can repeat ANY kicker from 6 -10       in playoffs- ANY whistle that is in the box for the offense that would result in a pk= GAME IS OVER- no kick taken

9/23/2020 8:31 AM
Rules:  start the game team closest to scoreboard DEFENDS, kick off each half going TOWARDS the score board- swap at half time   7 v 7, one of the 7 is designated as the goal keeper       No offisdes           ** no throw ins- all OOB are indirect kicks from the spot it went out ** all players are masked all the time           if you cant tolerate the mask, we would respectfully ask that you leave the premises     even if you have a doctor's note, we sympthasize with you, but require a mask. ** THERE IS NO SLIDING -if you fall and contact the ball- THERE WILL BE A WHISTLE (or play on)- takes out the judgement    SIZE 5 BALL WILL BE USED           There must be 6 players to begin a contest       Two of each gender MUST be on the field at all times       if you only have one of the opposite gender, you can play short.  No opp gender = game doesn’t begin   (2) 25 minute halves…. Clock will start on time…..       Games will be one referee for regular season and two for playoffs   Subs:                 on the fly = 1 or 2 per team, if more than two want to sub, they can during regular subbing stoppages.   Goalies:                 one must be designated           prefer to have different color top than both teams.       may slide in the box for attempt at ball.       if officials deem colors of jerseys are too close…. "captain" of each team will do ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS :)   loser gets pinies for the game           after the game is complete, pinnies will not be worn again that night and will be washed before next use.   Regular season: NO overtime… game ends in a tie.       lightning or thunder= if in first half, game will be replayed if we cant start back up, if in second half = game is official   30 minutes from last flash or crack         Yellow Cards: team plays short for two minutes or unless other team scores "power play"   Red Card: team plays short remainder of game regardless number of goals scored   player get Two cards: miss next game,          player gets a red, misses next game,         Additional penalites can be asessed with ZERO appeal     This is a FUN league…. Don't be "that person"       5 yards on all free kicks           kickoff is indirect