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Flag Football - Youth Rules & Regulations    

Number of Players:

-6 on 6 on plays from Scrimmage.

-3 on 3 for KICKOFFS.





-Repeated infractions will result in disqualification.



-Are not recoverable.

-Dead ball at spot of Fumble.

-The ball may not be Stripped from a Ball Carrier.

-A fumbled (rolled snap) is a dead ball. (It will return to the prior spot, but counts as a down.)



Neutral Zone:

-There official(s) will determine a 5 yard Neutral Zone between the Offense and Defense.


-(u17, u14 Divisions) Any defensive player that lines up within this Zone is Ineligible to Rush the QB. Players may line up within the Zone to cover.


-(u8, u11 Divisions) All Defensive players must be beyond the Zone at the snap, but may move up immediately.


Offensive Rules:

-3 Offensive players must line up on the Line of Scrimmage.

-All Offensive players are Eligible to RECEIVE a pass.

-The ball may be exchanged via Forward pass or Handoff.

(Laterals and Pitches are not allowed.)

-The Offense has 4 Downs to reach the First Down (Midfield) or End-Zone.

(If the Offense does not reach the line to gain, the other team takes possession at the spot of the previous play).

-The Quarterback is eligible to run the ball-ONLY when RUSHED by a Defensive Player. Other running plays must be via Handoff.

-Teams may utilize multiple handoffs on a play, but only one pass per play.

-The Offense has 7 seconds to Pass. If not, it is a COVERAGE SACK (spot of ball at 7 seconds).


Must Pass Zones:

-If a play starts within the Semi-Circle prior to the First Down (Midfield) or End-Zone, the Offense must PASS. (Even if the QB is Rushed-it has to be a pass).


-There will be NO "Must Pass Zone" in the u8 Division (played side to side).





u14-1st Dot

u11-2nd Dot



Penalty for Kickoff Out of Bounds:

Offensive Choice of:

1st and 1 (Yellow Line-Must Pass) or 1st and Goal (Bottom of the Circle).


Onside Kicks:

A Kickoff becomes a Live Ball when it crosses the Mid-Field Line.

A player may recover a "loose ball", but may not use contact to do so.


Extra Points:

First Dot: 1 Point (Must Pass)

Second Dot: 2 Points (Run or Pass)

Defense may return an INTERCEPTED PAT for 2 Points.


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