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Basketball Rules & Regulations    


Games will consist of two 15-minute halves with clock stoppages. There will be a three-minute half time. 

No shot clock. -                  

 If a team takes a 20-point lead in Men’s/Women's League, the clock will run and only stop on timeouts, and referee’s discretion until the lead is below 20 points.   -                    

5 fouls max. Rule for each league.  Player is done after 5th foul for rest of game.  10th foul in either half will result in 1 and 1. -                    

Each team will have 2 – thirty (30) second time outs per game. -                    

If game is tied at the end of the second half there will be a 3 minute Overtime.  If game is tied after 1st Overtime, there will be a 2nd Overtime with the first team to score three (3) points winning. -                    

Foul Shots: Top block will not be used by team shooting.  Defense is allowed to use block.  Players on lane can move on “release” of the ball while shooter at outside must wait for ball to hit off rim to move.  Any Common Foul in last minute of second half or Overtime will result in 1 and 1. -      

Technical fouls = automatic 2 shots and ball at mid court

Ejection= misses next game

2 minute halftime

 Players may be added to the roster at any time up to the 4th week of the season.  You must have 5 ROSTERED players to start game. Players may NOT play for multiple teams in the playoffs.


A player must have played during the season (1 game) to be eligible for post season play. -                    

Each team will play the same amount of games during the regular season.  Team seeding for playoffs will be determined by overall record and head-to-head matchups. -                      

NCAA Men’s Basketball rules will be used for Men’s League… including sitting out the next game for ejection.  The second technical foul on a player is ejection for remainder of season including playoffs. -                    

-                     League official has final say on all matters.



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